Firstcare Medical accepts health plans from many insurance carriers.  For those patients that use another provider/practice for their day-to-day medical care you must contact your insurance carrier to verify coverage.  If your insurance uses a network we highly encourage you to call us to confirm participation. If you have any questions about whether we participate in your insurance plan, please call us at 973.857.3400 (Verona) or 201.896.0900 (Lyndhurst).

Please note we do not accept Medicaid.

*HMO plans require the patient be treated exclusively by their PCP. FirstCare Medical does not provide episodic care to patients with HMO plans unless we are the designated PCP.

Our list of accepted insurances is continually growing to meet the needs of our patients. If you do not see your plan listed, please call our Billing Office at 973-857-8995 for the most current information.


How Firstcare Medical Handles Insurance

At Firstcare we believe quality health care should be accessible to everyone.  Cost should never be a prohibiting factor when seeking treatment for health related issues. To assist those with high deductible insurance plans or no health insurance at all, we work to establish affordable payment plans.


For Patients With Health Insurance

Payment of any Co-Pay amount is expected at the time of service.  We then submit a claim(s) to your insurance carrier.  If there is any remaining balance due from the patient, you will receive a statement from Firstcare Medical.  Since there are many insurance plans with varying deductible, co-pay and co-insurance amounts, we advise you to contact your carrier in advance by calling the number listed on your card, regarding details of your specific plan and patient responsible amounts. The acceptable forms of payment for Co-Pays and any remaining patient balance are checks, debit and credit cards.

For those patients with a HMO plan, you must contact your health insurance carrier, by calling the number listed on your card, to confirm that Firstcare is your PCP.  This must be done prior to your visit.  If you have not selected Firstcare Medical as your PCP, the services could be processed as out-of-network and payment will be your responsibility.  Please take a moment to make that call before coming to our office.


For patients with a Medicare Advantage Plan

Firstcare Medical participates with many of the insurance carriers that offer Medicare Advantage Plans.  If you are one of the many people that have elected to use a Medicare Advantage plan, please call your Medicare Advantage Plan carrier to verify that FirstCare Medical is either your PCP (if a PCP is required by your plan) or is “In Network” with your plan.  


For Patients with No Health Insurance

At Firstcare Medical when we say that quality health care should be affordable for everyone, we mean it. For those patients that find themselves without health insurance, our friendly Billing Office staff will work with you to establish an affordable payment plan.